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Traction Treatment Traction Treatment of showers & bathtubs

Traction Treatment


Why use Traction Treatment?

Insurance statistics and costs reflect that an appalling 25,000 slip/fall accidents happen in the United States DAILY! This is second only to automobile accidents as a cause of bodily injuries. Almost 200,000 people are treated in hospitals each year because of injuries caused by slipping and falling in bathtubs and showers. Millions of dollars are awarded in court cases due to slip/fall injuries. Almost a billion dollars in expenses are incurred each year because of these accidents.

Traction Treatment can help prevent these injuries by improving the Accepted Industry Standards for what is referred to as the Coefficient of Friction. When used on tile, porcelain, concrete, marble, brick or other hard mineral surfaces, Traction Treatment actually makes them safer wet, than when dry!

Traction Treatment:

  • Perfect for use indoors or outside and in all kinds of environmental  conditions
  •  Is a neat, clean safe process
  •  Is very cost effective
  •  Requires a minimum application time and no "curing" time
  •  Surfaces can be used immediately after treatment

Recommended for Use in:

  • homes
  • hotels
  • nursing homes
  • schools and other institutions
  • medical facilities
  • restaurants and cafeterias
  • manufacturing plants
  • retail stores
  • laundromats
  • any walking surface

For Use on Any:

  • tile floor
  • bathtub and shower
  • pool area
  • stairway
  • smooth concrete
  • hard mineral surface

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